What Other MBA Programs Are You Applying To?

Q: MBA Prep Coach, do you have any expert advice on how to handle this essay?


  • What other programs are you considering? Of the programs you are considering, what can IMD bring to you as a differentiator? (Word limit 100)

If we mention highly ranked programs such as INSEAD, will it send a signal to adcom that I am treating IMD as a safety school and unlikely to attend if I get admits from my top choices? 


A: In this question, you want to pick adjacent programs to some degree: similar ranking and like IMD, leadership development oriented. So maybe another school that has a well-developed personal deep dive course(s.) Or has an industry focus more so than consulting or finance. 


This speaks to the core of what differentiates IMD. I do think it might be a mistake to put down INSEAD here because if you have the right stats, they know they will probably not “win” you if they choose you. Also, INSEAD is really quite a different program from IMD and so this will undermine the sincerity of your application. 


They want to know: if I invite you to my party will you come, or will you make an excuse last minute and I will have to scramble to invite more guests? IMD wants to pick the “best” applicants but also the applicant that think IMD is the best as well; their first choice. 


I recommend everyone do a fair bit of research on IMD to get clear on what IMDs value proposition is specifically for them and their career; probably should be some aspect of personal development, introspection, and leadership. And how industry focus. How they would benefit from a simulation-type learning environment. 

A good place to start would be the interview with the Dean by Touch MBA. http://touchmba.com/tag/imd/


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