Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me figure out which business schools are best catered to my needs?


Yes! Determining school fit is critical to ensuring that my clients get the maximum return on their MBA investment. I have done my research on almost all of the top programs and I have a vast network of former clients that I can connect you with should you have any questions. With your personal brand in mind, we can determine the schools that best fit your needs and the schools that are looking for candidates exactly like you. Ensuring and defining the reciprocity of this relationship—between you and your business school—is a big reason for why my clients have had so much success.


Are you able to help candidates who do not have a traditional background?


Absolutely! In fact, these are often some of my favorite clients to work with. Do not let yourself be discouraged by a low GMAT score or a résumé that doesn’t include positions with Fortune 500 companies. Regardless, you have a unique value to offer the AdCom. I will help you figure out what that value proposition is and together we will bundle it up into a compelling application.


Can you work with candidates remotely?


Yes, I communicate with my clients via email and Skype. Doing so allows me to work with diverse candidates from around the world in a way that offers flexibility to their busy schedules.


Do you write or edit essays for your clients?


No, I will not write your essays for you. Your essays need to be an authentic reflection of who you are, which means they need to be written in your voice. As a certified career coach, I will help you clearly define your short and long term career goals. From there, I can help you select the most compelling anecdotes to share with the AdCom that will both support your goals and develop your personal brand. I will also help you revise and edit your final drafts for clarity, concision, and grammar etc.


Why should I hire an admissions consultant?


Getting into business school is hard! Year after year, candidates get stronger and admissions committees get more selective. You’ve got experience, you’ve got stories, you may even have a knock-your-socks-off GMAT score—but so does everyone else in the applicant pool.  To really stand out, you need to develop your personal brand and communicate a clear value proposition to the AdCom. As a marketing expert, this is where I come in.


When should I start the pre-application process?


In short, as soon as you can! Applying to business schools is a lengthy, grueling process. There’s no need to make it even more stressful than it already is by delaying the start of your applications. My advice is to start early and to give yourself plenty of time to research programs to revise applications.


Do you offer a free consultation?


Not quite. I offer prospective clients a no-cost Skype consultation. While we might discuss elements of your candidacy (resume, work experience, school selection etc) on this call, the ultimate purpose is to determine if we will work well together or not. Because of the nature of our working relationship, establishing good chemistry is paramount to a successful round of applications.


Do you work with students from other countries?


Yes! I love working with candidates from around the world and hearing stories from a diverse set of backgrounds. It is part of what keeps my job fresh and exciting.


What do you charge for your services?


I charge $100/hr. Generally speaking, you can expect about 35-40 hours of work to go into the first application, 25 for the 2nd application, and 10-15 hours of work go into all subsequent applications. While most admissions consultants offer package deals based upon the number of applications, I’ve elected to price my services this way as I really do take the time to get to know my clients and I work very closely with them through all stages of the application process. I’m not just going to give you high-level advice and proof read your essays, I’m going to help you define and articulate your personal brand as it pertains to your candidacy. I have a very thorough, in-depth process and I feel strongly that this process is a critical component to my success rate.


What if do not have a GMAT of GRE score yet?


Without a score it is difficult to realistically assess your chances for admission into any program. I only work with clients who have viable scores for the schools they are targeting. What constitutes a viable score is unique to the school, program, and individual.


What are your hours?


I hold client appointments Monday through Thursday 3:00pm to 10:00pm Eastern Time. I do not meet with clients on the weekends except for the weekend before a deadline. My goal is to queue you up during the week for the work that you’ll be doing over the weekend.


What is your turnaround time?


I strive to reply to all emails within 24 hours and turn around feedback to you within 2 business days.


How can I be sure that we will submit my application on time?


None of my clients have ever missed an application deadline. This is a collaborative process – a partnership – and it requires that you follow my guidance. That said, ultimately you are responsible for your applications.




I got the call today and was accepted!! I’m so excited and at a loss for words. Thank you so much Farrell. Unbelievable and feel very humbled and lucky to have this opportunity. I really appreciate you pushing and encouraging me to pursue Kellogg. I wouldn’t be here without you.

"Just wanted to inform you that I received an admit from Kellogg, Tepper, and UCLA in round 2. I am joining Kellogg. Your interview tips helped a lot."

- A. Abhishek

"I thank Farrell whole heartedly for helping me get admitted to INSEAD, my dream B-school. When I found her on GMAT Club, I had already applied to London Business School, and was rejected without getting even an interview. In order to improve my essays and increase the chances to get admitted by my dream school, I decided to go with her, even knowing we on a very tight schedule..."

– Y. Jiang, Xian. China

"Farrell was a real life saver in the MBA application process. I first came to her to help me in developing a holistic application that was tailored to my target schools. Her process effectively identified key strengths and weaknesses in my candidacy and developed a strategy to give me the best chance of getting accepted..."

– L. R., Chicago, IL

"Farrell is the only one who believed in me. First, she spent hours learning about me, to make sure I chose schools that fit me, and also, where the adcom would appreciate my international background the most. Honestly, this is probably the most important part of the application process and most students neglect it..."

– K. Marie, Paris, France

"Farrell not only helped me connect the dots and tell my story, but also guided me through an important process of self-knowledge. The methods used during the process were simple and effective in finding answers about myself and my objectives. Knowing about myself was an essential step towards achieving my short and long-term goals..."

– G. Azevedo, São Paulo, Brazil