Wharton EMBA Essay 1

What is your career objective and how will the Wharton MBA Program for Executives contribute to your attainment of this objective? (400-word limit)


Career Objective

The ideal situation here: you need more skills to adeptly navigate a new manager or director role. Or you need those skills to obtain that role, within your organization or within the same industry. They want you to apply what you learn on the weekend to your job on Monday. Even if you have a long-term (or even short-term) goal of starting up, you REALLY want to first articulate how you will benefit from the program where you are today. They are looking at the ROI of the program for you, just as you are. Wharton rewards pragmatism and analytical thinking, that is their jam. So, make sure your goals show a financial outcome that will leave you satisfied with the program.

Beware of a ready-fire-aim approach – first do the research needed. Find out if a Wharton EMBA would open the door to the job you want through informational interviews with hiring managers, and mention this in the essay. For example, based on you learned through your conversation with Mr or Ms. In The Know, you need this degree to advance. Or need the skills that come with a Wharton EMBA to break in. DO THE RESEARCH. Talk to people. When you do this the essay writes itself, you have compelling content, rather than stressing and guessing, trying to slap some crap together to fill the page. It’s important to avoid a “pitch it over the fence” mentality – meaning, you are crossing your fingers that once admitted Wharton will figure things out for you.

Wharton EMBA in attainment of objective

I feel the key to success with this whole process is to research yourself (introspection), research the school, and research your goals. Then show how those 3 circles intersect on the Venn Diagram. Research the job description(s) of your goal position – consider what you already have, and then think about where the gaps lie. Do you have financial modeling but not public speaking? Good at mentoring juniors but lack the confidence to take initiative? The adcom wants to know that your background + Wharton EMBA = post MBA goal, internally or externally.


This is usually going to be less of a pivot than full time (even part-time for some programs) because you won’t be quitting your job to do an internship. But you need to justify the cost of the program, by advancing somehow, and it starts with looking at yourself as would a recruiter for your goal job. Once you have a sense of the gaps, rinse and repeat with your long-term goal.


So, you have your gaps. Now you match things up with what Wharton has to offer. For most EMBA programs this will be comprised of the alumni network connections, the curriculum/faculty, and any special offerings. Are you a Product Manager who needs a better consumer behavior background? Speak to the marketing courses and year-end marketing simulation. Do you have a long-term goal to start-up? Maybe speak to the Israel trek GMC (Global Modular Course.) Or find another GMC that speaks to your goals. Are you shy about asserting your perspective? Speak to the teamwork and residency elements of the program.ed and inspired them through their essays!


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