The mantra: succinct, but complete

If I can brag a bit – MBA Career Services love my résumés.  “Don’t you dare change a single word!” were the words spoken to my client who started at Stanford GSB last fall. It went into the resume book as-is. Most of his colleagues started almost from scratch.


• Every single word has a purpose (pare it down – hence the image!)
• It uses universal language instead of industry jargon, to the extent possible.
• One page only, but maximize space horizontally.
• Give context: provide a one-line company description if needed.
• Give context: provide a job scope statement under your role.
• Each bullet is an accomplishment that states a result and an action.
• Results: ideally, making money, saving money or saving time.
• Anyone from any industry would be able to step into your resume, and comprehend the value of what you have done.
• There is space to breathe on the page. It has white space, and the reader feels good when they look at it. It looks inviting.
• It includes “fun facts” about you and demonstrates community leadership.

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