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Q&A: Multiple GMAT Scores and INSEAD

Q: Seeking some advice –INSEAD applicant here. Completed my GMAT last year – score was 670. Q47 (63%). Repeated my GMAT today – score was 690. Breakdown Q45 (57%). Quant has dropped quite significantly. I still have the option to cancel my score, should I report it? If so, I’ll probably have to address my max 63% score in quant between the two tests.


A: INSEAD is one of the very few schools that allow you to submit multiple scores. I think that you should keep it. Unless you are overrepresented, it probably should be fine. With regards to quant, the raw score is not embarrassing. The percentile is a little on the low side, but that just means you were in a very competitive group.


Some things you could do: Use space in the optional essay to point to your aptitude for numeracy in other ways – highlighting solid grades obtained in quant courses in college or discussing quantitative aptitude required for your job. If you have the time and feel the need, you can do MBA Math, which is a 12-hour, online, self-paced program that basically certifies you as good enough at math.


I want to highlight that applicants often think they need to be good enough at everything. In their minds, they have to be meeting some specific, high threshold for every single thing. And while you DO need to be strong in most areas (the 4 criteria), math is just not going to win the game for you and that’s okay.


So really focus and think about what is your source of competitive advantage here? What sets you apart from other applicants of that school? Spend some time thinking about your brand and also what you might contribute that no one else could – the perspective, the experiences, the aptitudes. How will you enrich the experience for your colleagues?


It’s really more about dazzling them with what you have than trying to remedy weaknesses; I hope you feel me on this.


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