MBA Applicants Recruiting for Consulting

A few things to keep in mind, in light of the current environment.

Goals: in reaction to the downturn, most positions are generalist – aside from things like energy in Houston or Healthcare in New Jersey. Possible to specialize in huge offices but honestly probably better not to specify an industry in essays. If possible, check into which firms are hiring currently internationals if that is your case.

Definitely have a “parallel path” in mind – and it is wise to write this into your essays. Corporate strategy is good if you have the background – IB or IM is likely too intense and also early in the cycle, so that is likely not compatible with a demanding first semester of core curriculum. If interviews don’t pan out by January go for just-in-time paths such as VC, startups, fintech.

Summer programs ahead of your first year generally come with a chance to interview before matriculating, which could possibly help you make better use of your time in b-school instead of a billion coffee chats/spending all your time recruiting. (I am a huge fan of actually learning from the pros in b-school).

Often people mention that they are going to do an MBA for “exploration” which I have always felt was a mistake, because you need to start internship recruitment once you get to b-school or even earlier. There is not much exploration you can do in the midst of core curriculum, and recruiting for internships. It’s best to do the exploration before b-school and the execution during b-school.

I personally feel it’s important to know if you are strong with casing before investing a lot in this direction.

If you dislike consulting post-internship you can always re-recruit but you are then competing with the “return offer” candidates and things are tough right now.


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