Kellogg EMBA Interview Questions - Sample Account

The cool thing about Kellogg is that they interview everyone, so its wise to apply if your magnetic and personable camera presence sells you better than other elements of the application. Here are the interview questions from a recent client. Reminder than R1 is 4/19 - factor in time not just for essays but brainstorming recommendation anecdotes (DEI in particular) and interview talking points!

  •          What do you currently do? Describe your current position? 
  •          Talk me through your resume in any order
  •          What is the scope of your current role?
  •          I mentioned speaking to other student from past EMBA classes. Interviewer asked about what they said and what I learned from them.
  •         Asked me if I had any questions
  •         Some candidate have 14+ years of experience so how do you think you can contribute to such a senior group of classmates?
  •          Where do you see your company going in the next couple years?
  •          Is there anything else that you think is unique about you that you’d like the AdCom to know?

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