Hobbies and Interests on CV

MBA APPLICANTS – something I am realizing is a controversial issue and want to address it.


Include hobbies on your resume for MBA. Please trust and believe they are evaluating you, in part, to see if you are a social value-add to the class. You are both the consumer and the product. They want people who are well-rounded with a sense of humor.


Offering a couple examples so you will believe me I can TALK YOU OFF THE LEDGE of not doing this.

“Farrell I remember that I needed to tell you something. Believe it or not, GSB career management center didn’t dare to make a single change in my resume since they said it was perfect already. Most of my classmates had to redo them entirely. Thank you for that, it saved me lots of work.”


His ADDITIONAL section

“Sunday water skier. Country 1 & Country 2 citizenship. Grilled pizza expert. Advanced shower singer. Adventure traveler of 25+ countries. Fantasy reader. Debate aficionado. Game of Thrones enthusiast. Play guitar poorly.”


“Hi Farrell,

Hope everything is going well! Just wanted to inform you that I reviewed the Resume with the HBS career team, and they were impressed with it - no comments whatsoever! Thanks a lot for your help.”

*personal section includes hobbies as well as funny stuff like cappuccino concierge for my 11-year old brother*


HBS and Kellogg admit additional info section included *Father to 26 healthy houseplants*.

It was the first thing Kellogg adcom said to him when he went for his interview.


Wharton-Lauder admit additional info section included *International Couchsurfer*

this is how Lauder introduced him to his classmates on the first day



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