Gearing up for Round 2

Hello, it’s been a long while since my last blog. For those of you who have not yet obtained interviews to your dream schools, I encourage you to reach out for a ding analysis to get a different result from Round 2. 

My clients have been doing great and interviewing at all the schools to which they applied with one exception – reapplications. So that has been interesting to experience. I’m now a bit sour on reapplications, especially those submitted the following year after a ding, without a sizeable GMAT boost.

Gearing Up for Round 2

Seven short weeks to JANUARY 2.

NOW IS THE TIME to start working on your applications if you haven’t already! At this point, the best way you can increase your chances to get admitted is to give yourself 2 full months for the applications.

Please don’t underestimate the complexity of this process and shoot yourself in the foot. My process with clients is interviewing, brainstorming, outlining, drafting and editing. Then doing this across your CV, essays, recommendation talking points and application boxes. Also, you need to turn your LinkedIn profile into a sharp marketing tool.


If you are looking for a proven partner in this process, fill out my prospective client form and send over your CV to start the conversation.


Application Box Tips

Great way to create quick momentum.


What should these look like? Yummy little candies for the adcom. Sweet and succinct.


  • Distills valuable information about you clearly and succinctly. Elevator pitch.
  • Everything illustrates qualities that business schools value – strategic thinking, results orientation, etc.
  • Employment section gives the reader a clear, succinct understanding of the experience you’ve gained, employing simple, universal language.
  • The activities and awards point to the overall brand that you set forth in other aspects of the application.

Recommendation Talking Points


Think through specific anecdotes y ou would like them to discuss and outline those for them.


Choose anecdotes where they have observed you model the qualities that business schools are seeking! Leadership, teamwork, etc.


Review each of the recommendation questions for each school.

Pondering the GMAT Question


If your GMAT is “good enough” please do not try to PACK IN another GMAT sitting to score an extra 20 points at the cost of the quality of your applications. That is too risky and unlikely to be the best  way to invest your time 7 weeks from deadlines.


You need time to do this right, especially considering you will be faced with multiple deadlines on the same day. That said, it does not make sense to apply to schools without a GMAT (or GRE) 


To Your Continued Success! Wishing You All My Best!


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