EMBA Round 1 deadlines in chronological order + other important info

Kellogg EMBA R1 for Jan intake 8/17/22 and R2 is 10/5 (all applicants interviewed; test score optional but need quant evidence); also deadlines for September start. Meetings in Miami monthly and Evanston biweekly, both residential.




Average WE 15 years; average age 39


Wharton EMBA is open for summer 2023 start; R1 due 10/12/22 (interview by invitation (new this year), test score required, EA only for those with 8+ years of WE). Biweekly residential meetings in SF or Philly.




Average WE 12 years; average age 37 - *only 16% of the class is over 40 – current median GMAT 710; median EA 156


Yale EMBA app opens August 2022 - R1 is Nov 1 for midsummer start (interview by invitation, test score required). Biweekly meetings in New Haven, CT starting mid-summer. Residential.




Average WE 14 years; average age 37 – no average GMAT or EA published


Chicago-Booth EMBA R1 likely to be 11/22 for August start – application not yet open (interview by invitation, test score required)




Average WE 13 years; median age 38. Average GMAT 699; average EA 154 (as of 8/21)


Sloan EMBA opens 10/22 – last year R1 was in Jan 2022 for September start (interview by invitation, test score optional but need B or better in Stats + Calculus)




Average WE 17 years; median age 41


Berkeley EMBA R1 likely to be 12/22 for July start - application not yet open (all applicants interviewed, test score required). Thursday through Saturday monthly; residential.




Average WE 12-15 years; median age 36 – no test scores reported but EWMBA average GMAT is 691.


CBS Saturday R1 due Jan 11, 2023 for May start (interview by invitation, test score required). Not residential; weekly format.




Average WE is 10 years but there is no stated minimum. Average age 33.



Sloan Fellows 1-year MBA programs



for SFMBA & MSx residential programs; you bring your family see


*All interview by invitation only*


1 - London Fellows Masters in Leadership and Strategy


R4 final deadline is 8/23/2022 for January entry; non-residential




Average WE 18; average age 38 – no EA published; test score required but waivers available


2 - MSx (Sloan Fellows at Stanford in Palo Alto)


Round 1 deadline is 9/13; R2 is 10/13 – July start




Average WE 13; they don’t report age but low/mid 30’s – 8 years required WE – average GMAT 720; EA 158 *3 rec letters required


3 - SFMBA (Sloan Fellows at MIT in Boston)


Round 1 deadline is 10/3/2022 – June start




Average WE 14 – 10 years required WE; median EA 154





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