2019 IMD Letter of Recommendation Questions

While deadlines close on US schools, things are just beginning for IMD. Round 1 due on 2/1 – if you are a mid-career professional looking for a 1-year European MBA register for this info session 1/17 at 9am ET. 


Also, start considering possible anecdotes for your recommendation talking points


IMD 2019 Recommendation Questions. *no word limit is indicated. 


​​What is your relationship with the applicant? (drop down)


1. How long have you known the applicant and in what capacity?

2. Describe the applicant’s role in your organization. What has his/her single most important contribution been to the organization?

3. What do you consider to be the applicant’s top three strengths?

4. What do you consider to be the applicant’s weaknesses or opportunities for improvement?


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